app-accessibility The app-accessibility category contains packages which help with accessibility (for example, screen readers).
app-admin The app-admin category contains non-core applications which relate to system administration.
app-antivirus The app-antivirus category contains antivirus software.
app-arch The app-arch category contains tools for archiving, compressing and uncompressing files or groups of files.
app-backup The app-backup category contains tools for performing backups of data, including both full and incremental backups, as well as backups to other media (CD-R, Tape, etc.).
app-benchmarks The app-benchmarks category contains benchmarking software.
app-cdr The app-cdr category contains software for writing CDs and DVDs, and for working with .iso files.
app-crypt The app-crypt category contains cryptographic (encryption, decryption, steganography and signing) software.
app-dicts The app-dicts category contains dictionary and word-list packages.
app-doc The app-doc category contains various miscellaneous documentation collections.
app-editors The app-editors category contains text editors.
app-emacs The app-emacs category contains extension packages for the Emacs text editor.
app-emulation The app-emulation category contains emulation software.
app-forensics The app-forensics category contains software which helps detect and analyse security breaches.
app-i18n The app-i18n category contains internationalisation-related packages.
app-laptop The app-laptop category contains packages which are designed to work with certain kinds of laptop or notebook computer.
app-misc The app-misc category contains various miscellaneous application packages which don't belong anywhere else.
app-mobilephone The app-mobilephone category contains software for working with mobile phones.
app-office The app-office category contains 'office' (word processing, spreadsheets, presentation) software packages.
app-officeext The app-officeext category contains extension packages for LibreOffice and OpenOffice.
app-pda The app-pda category contains software for working with personal digital assistants or hand-held computers.
app-portage The app-portage category contains software which works with portage or ebuilds.
app-shells The app-shells category contains shells and their extensions.
app-text The app-text category contains tools for working with human-language text files.
app-vim The app-vim category contains plugins, syntax file and spelling packages for the Vim text editor.
app-xemacs The app-xemacs category contains extensions for the XEmacs text editor.
dev-ada The dev-ada category contains libraries and utilities relevant to the Ada programming language.
dev-cpp The dev-cpp category contains libraries and utilities relevant to the c++ programming language.
dev-db The dev-db category contains libraries and utilities for database related programming.
dev-dotnet The dev-dotnet category contains libraries and utilities relevant to the .NET programming environment.
dev-embedded The dev-embedded category contains libraries and utilities relevant to embedded programming.
dev-games The dev-games category contains libraries and utilities relevant to games programming.
dev-haskell The dev-haskell category contains libraries and utilities relevant to the Haskell programming language.
dev-java The dev-java category contains libraries and utilities relevant to the Java programming language.
dev-lang The dev-lang category contains various programming language implementations and related tools.
dev-libs The dev-libs category contains various miscellaneous programming libraries.
dev-lisp The dev-lisp category contains libraries and utilities relevant to the Lisp programming language.
dev-lua The dev-lua category contains libraries, utilities or bindings written in or for the Lua programming language.
dev-ml The dev-ml category contains libraries and utilities relevant to the ML programming language.
dev-perl The dev-perl category contains libraries and utilities relevant to the Perl programming language.
dev-php The dev-php category contains libraries and utilities relevant to the PHP programming language.
dev-python The dev-python category contains libraries, utilities or bindings written in or for the Python programming language.
dev-qt The dev-qt category contains packages for the Qt framework modules and directly related libraries and development applications from the upstream Qt Project. Do not add other packages to this category.
dev-ruby The dev-ruby category contains libraries and utilities relevant to the Ruby programming language.
dev-scheme The dev-scheme category contains libraries and utilities relevant to the Scheme programming language.
dev-tcltk The dev-tcltk category contains Tcl- and Tk-related libraries and tools.
dev-tex The dev-tex category contains libraries and tools useful when working with TeX and TeX-based environments such as LaTeX.
dev-texlive The dev-texlive category contains various TeXLive's packages.
dev-util The dev-util category contains various miscellaneous development utilities.
dev-vcs The dev-vcs category contains utilities focused on version control.
games-action The games-action category contains action games.
games-arcade The games-arcade category contains arcade games.
games-board The games-board category contains board games.
games-emulation The games-emulation category contains game platform emulators.
games-engines The games-engines category contains game engines.
games-fps The games-fps category contains first person shooter games.
games-kids The games-kids category contains games designed for children.
games-misc The games-misc category contains miscellaneous games which do not fit into other games- categories.
games-mud The games-mud category contains multi-user dungeon games.
games-puzzle The games-puzzle category contains puzzle games.
games-roguelike The games-roguelike category contains games which resemble Rogue's style.
games-rpg The games-rpg category contains role-playing games.
games-server The games-server category contains game servers.
games-simulation The games-simulation category contains simulation games.
games-sports The games-sports category contains sports games.
games-strategy The games-strategy category contains strategy games.
games-util The games-util category contains various game-related utilities.
gnome-base The gnome-base category contains core GNOME packages.
gnome-extra The gnome-extra category contains additional non-core GNOME packages.
gnustep-apps The gnustep-apps category contains GNUstep applications.
gnustep-base The gnustep-base category contains GNUstep base packages.
gnustep-libs The gnustep-libs category contains GNUstep libraries.
gpe-base The gpe-base category contains libraries, utilities for handheld and other input constrained and resource limited devices.
gpe-utils The gpe-utils category contains utility apps from the GPE environment.
java-virtuals The java-virtuals category contains packages which satisfy virtual dependencies. These virtuals install a file which is used by the java-config system to provide information like classpath and minimum required vm values.
kde-base The kde-base category contains core KDE packages.
kde-misc The kde-misc category contains various miscellaneous KDE packages.
lxde-base The lxde-base category contains core packages for LXDE, the Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment.
mail-client The mail-client category contains email clients.
mail-filter The mail-filter category contains email filtering software.
mail-mta The mail-mta category contains mail transport agent packages.
media-fonts The media-fonts category contains fonts.
media-gfx The media-gfx category contains graphics-related packages.
media-libs The media-libs category contains media-related libraries.
media-plugins The media-plugins category contains plugin packages for various media applications.
media-radio The media-radio category contains radio-related media applications.
media-sound The media-sound category contains sound, music and audio applications.
media-tv The media-tv category contains television-related applications.
media-video The media-video category contains video-related applications.
net-analyzer The net-analyzer category contains network analysis software.
net-dialup The net-dialup category contains dialup-related networking software.
net-dns The net-dns category contains DNS (Domain Name Service) related software.
net-firewall The net-firewall category contains network firewall software.
net-fs The net-fs category contains network filesystem packages.
net-ftp The net-ftp contains FTP (File Transfer Protocol) software.
net-im The net-im category contains instant messaging software.
net-irc The net-irc category contains IRC (Internet Relay Chat) clients and servers.
net-libs The net-libs category contains libraries that are network-related.
net-mail The net-mail category contains various email-related utilities.
net-misc The net-misc category contains various miscellaneous networking tools and utilities.
net-nds The net-nds category contains NDS (NetWare Directory Services) software.
net-news The net-news category contains news-related network software.
net-nntp The net-nntp category contains NNTP (Network News Transfer Protocol) software.
net-p2p The net-p2p category contains peer-to-peer networking applications.
net-print The net-print category contains network printing packages.
net-proxy The net-proxy category contains network proxy software.
net-voip The net-voip category contains packages related to Voice-over-IP
net-wireless The net-wireless category contains wireless networking software and utilities.
net-zope The net-zope category contains all Zope ( related software including third party products and tools.
perl-core The perl-core category contains libraries and utilities relevant to the Perl programming language.
razorqt-base The razorqt-base category contains core packages for Razor-Qt, the fast desktop environment based on Qt.
rox-base The rox-base category contains core Rox packages.
rox-extra The rox-extra category contains extra non-core Rox packages.
sci-astronomy The sci-astronomy category contains software that can be used in astronomical and related scientific environments.
sci-biology The sci-biology category contains software that can be used in biological and related scientific environments.
sci-calculators The sci-calculators category contains scientific calculator packages.
sci-chemistry The sci-chemistry category contains software that can be used in chemistral scientific environments.
sci-electronics The sci-electronics category contains electronics packages.
sci-geosciences The sci-geosciences category contains geosciences-related software.
sci-libs The sci-libs category contains various science-related libraries.
sci-mathematics The sci-mathematics category contains mathematical software.
sci-misc The sci-misc category contains various miscellaneous science applications which do not fit any other sci-* category.
sci-physics The sci-physics category contains physics related software.
sci-visualization The sci-visualization category contains scientific visualization applications.
sec-policy The sec-policy category contains security policies for access control systems such as SELinux.
sys-apps The sys-apps category contains various core system applications, and some non-core system applications which have not yet been moved out into other sys- categories.
sys-auth The sys-auth category contains applications and libraries to support authentication and authorization facilities. Here belongs PAM modules, NSS modules and login apps.
sys-block The sys-block category contains packages which work with block devices.
sys-boot The sys-boot category contains bootloaders and related tools.
sys-cluster The sys-cluster category contains cluster-related software.
sys-devel The sys-devel category contains various core system development tools and libraries.
sys-firmware The sys-firmware category contains misc. firmware and microcode.
sys-freebsd Ebuilds for the Gentoo/FreeBSD base system software.
sys-fs The sys-fs category contains filesystem tools and utilities.
sys-infiniband The sys-infiniband category contains OFED software stack and other infiniband related software.
sys-kernel The sys-kernel category contains kernel source ebuilds and kernel-related tools.
sys-libs The sys-libs category contains various system-level libraries.
sys-power The sys-power category contains software which handles power management, including CPU frequency scaling tools.
sys-process The sys-process category contains packages which query or manipulate processes. The 'cron' daemons are included in this.
virtual The virtual category contains packages which satisfy virtual dependencies.
www-apache The www-apache category contains modules for the Apache webserver.
www-apps The www-apps category contains various world wide web applications.
www-client The www-client category contains world wide web clients.
www-misc The www-misc category contains various miscellaneous world wide web software.
www-plugins The www-plugins category contains plug-ins for Web browsers.
www-servers The www-servers category contains web server packages.
x11-apps x11-apps contains applications distributed as part of X.Org X11.
x11-base The x11-base category contains various X11 base implementations.
x11-drivers x11-drivers contain drivers that interface with the core X11 server.
x11-libs The x11-libs category contains various X11-related libraries.
x11-misc The x11-misc category contains miscellaneous X11 applications which do not belong elsewhere.
x11-plugins The x11-plugins category contains plugin packages for various X11 applications.
x11-proto x11-proto contains the X11 protocol headers.
x11-terms The x11-terms category contains terminal emulators for X11 environments.
x11-themes The x11-themes category contains various theme and style packages for X11 applications.
x11-wm The x11-wm category contains X11 window managers.
xfce-base The xfce-base category contains base XFCE packages.
xfce-extra The xfce-extra category contains non-core XFCE applications.